How Do Websites Really Work?

we all use websites quite a lot. whether we’re looking for the right movie for movie night or trying to understand bears sleeping patterns, searching the web could become quite useful. but, although it’s pretty useful, we might not have a perfect understanding of how it really works. so, how do websites really work?

so, what is a website?

First off, we’ll talk a little bit about what a website is. The web-page that we see is actually a bunch of programmed files, including text, color, images and more. All of these files interact with each other to form the web-page you see in front of you. The developers usually use HTML, JavaScript, PHP or CSS to create their website, sometimes even combined.


The Hosting Server

In order for the users to be able to reach the websites, it needs to be stored on a hosting server, also known as a web server. Hosting servers are basically large computers connected to high speed internet connections. This is where all websites are stored. When you go online your web browser will request a website from its hosting server, then the server will reply with the required website files.

Domain Name

In order for people to access your website you need a domain name. The domain name is what we enter in the browsers URL to reach the wanted website, for example, (best website by the way 😉 ). To get a domain name one must register it, so it will be pointed to your website hosting server. Now whenever anyone looks up your domain, he will be re-directed to your website.

That's it!!! you now have a functioning website! (or at least you understand how it works 😉

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